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Song Writing , 73
Producing, 80
Performance Royalites , 75

At Music Is Viral, we believe in one thing – music is the first form of “viral” media.  Therefore it is one of the most simplest forms of non-correlative “income streams” around. When people are happy, sad, in love, out of love, angry, and so on; a vast majority people listen to music. Think of your favorite song right now… we bet it took you less than a second to hear the melody in your mind.

We find income producing songs through our relationship with our sister company, Viral Music Media, as well as through an in-house team of analyst that procure opportunities for us. If you are looking for income streams that can stretch almost 100 years, that do not correlate with stocks, bonds, interest rates, or whether the political climate has changed you have come to the right place. (Read More)

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